Logistics and Format

Many things go into making a successful conference. Share your ideas for what would make this year's AgileVancouver Fall Agile Conference one to remember. -- AgileVancouver is looking to our community to help define the ideal AgileVancouver Fall 2012 Conference. Let us know what you want to see, what topics you want to talk about or hear about, and as part of the community give feedback and take part in defining a great agile event in Vancouver. AgileVancouver Fall Conference is held in Vancouver, from Monday October 1 to Wednesday October 3, 2012.

Logistics and Format

Kata Corner

Let's have half a day of Katas. Format: Brief introductory session, followed by lots of code and demos / mini-fishbowl at the end where people share their experiences. Participants suggest katas and vote on which one we do. See http://codingdojo.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?KataCatalogue for some possibilities. - Theatre Of Code: A projector and screen will be available for folks who want to work in public. - Pair Programming: ...more »

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