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User Centered Design and Agile Development

Abstract: A friction often exists between User Centered Desgin (UCD) and Agile Software Development. On the one hand we all want to design a product that considers well the needs of the people who use it. On the other we want to deliver quickly through iteration and agile methodologies. It's not very obvious how these two ideas can be integrated... but they can. This session will cover how User Centered Design and Agile Development can (and should) be integrated.




* A brief overview of the debate between UCD and Agile practitioners and why the two viewpoints don't need to be mutually exclusive.

* Some of the common pitfalls to be avoided when integrating UCD with Agile software development.

* How user research can (and should) inform our product roadmap, backlog, user stories, and prioritization.

* How design personas can give designers and developers common goals and language and bridge the gap between UCD and Agile.

* What can Agile Methodologies teach UCD, and vice versa?

* Practical tools/excercises that you can start using right away in order to start integrating UCD into your Agile team.

* Models for including UX Designers into the Agile process.


By the end of this session you will be able to:


* Explain what UCD is and how it relates to Agile methodologies

* Start integrating UCD into your Agile process

* Determine how to best place UX Designers on your agile team

* Use simple user research activities to improve product backlog generation and prioritization

* Avoid common pitfalls


About Me:


I'm the product owner and UX Lead for Peer Giving Solutions and I have over 12 years of experience working with stakeholders, designers, and developers to deliver software that people actually use. My most recent speaking engagement was as the MC of the Vancouver Drupal Summit and I've presented at various other local conferences.



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