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Knock Down the Organizational Culture Barrier

You have successfully coached a team or two, but seem to have lost momentum in spreading agile beyond your local division. The organization’s culture seems to be pitted against you. What efforts can you take to overcome this barrier? Do you know how to assess your current organizational culture? How about manage the changes to it?


According to State of Agile Survey, for two years running, the ability to change organizational culture is the #1 barrier to further agile adoption. In this presentation, we will discuss tools, techniques and practices that have been used to effectively identify and manage the changes to an organization’s culture. We will discuss the application of various organizational change management practices applied to an agile transformation.



•Learn how to think about your organization from a new perspective

•Gain an understanding of organizational change management

•Discuss impact assessments and change plans

•Learn how to incorporate your organizational change plans into your agile transformation approach.



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