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Eclipse Mylyn: Connecting Agile, ALM and the IDE

In under four years, Mylyn’s task-focused interface has gone from a university whiteboard to a tool with over a million monthly downloads. Not long ago, the notion of a tool that re-aligns the IDE around Agile collaboration and hides more of the program than it shows seemed radical. But as the task-focused interface continues its adoption, the next big step in the evolution of developer tools is becoming clear. In order to get the full benefits of Agile, the planning loop must be connected to development activities across the application lifecycle.


This talk will showcase Mylyn and the broad ecosystem which encompasses over 50 different integrations for ALM systems. We will demonstrate how tasks, source code and builds can be managed effectively with Mylyn, and examine how re-aligning collaboration around a unified notion of tasks not only accelerates developer’s adoption of Agile project management tools, but also yields a measurable productivity benefit when deployed in teams.



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